• Burenda Sired Progeny Win at Eidsvold Show 1st May 2016

    Garry walsh from "Winwood" Eidsvold exhibited a number of entries into the Prime Cattle Section at the recently held Eidsvold Show.   The Angus and Brangus cross progeny by Burenda sires were entered into a few classes with outstanding results. 

    1st Single Milk Tooth Heifer

    1st Single Milk Tooth Steer

    1st Pen of Three Milk Tooth Heifers &

    3rd Pen of Replacement Heifers.

    The purchase of quality replacement Angus & Brangus sires from the Burenda Studs over the...

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  • Angus Australia Sire Benchmarking Program

    Burenda Angus entered Burenda Geiger Counter G49 into the Angus Australia young sires progeny testing program.   Geiger Counter was ranked 5th birthweight, 10th gestation length, 19th 200 day, 16th 400 day and 13th 600 day weights, 15th eye muscle area, 13th rib fat, 12th rump fat and 3rd for imtramuscular fat.  We are very pleased with the results as this group of sires are suppose to be the elite or the most promising sires of that years drop of recorded angus.  Geiger...

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  • RNA Paddock to Palate Challange 2016

    Burenda Angus & Brangus entered seven Burenda Angus cross Santa steers into the RNA Paddock to Palate feedlot competition this year.   The steers entered Grassdale Feedlot at an average entry weight of 456kg and a spread of 428 - 480kg.   

    We have just received the 50 day weights and we have an average of 590kg and a spread of 538 - 626kg and an average daily weight gain so far of 2.73kg/day.   This places us around 20th on weight gain out...

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  • Blackall Black Stump Bull Sale Results 22nd March 2016

    19 Powerfull EBV performance recorded Burenda Angus bulls were offered from Burenda Angus in the draft of 57 mixed breeds sold at the Black Stump Bull sale.

    The 19 month old Burenda angus bulls averaged $4394.74 for a 100% clearance rate.  Lot 6 Burenda Koan K416 was the top priced bull of the sale at $7000, and was an AI son of Werner Westward 357 who we sold a half brother Lot 7 at our Roma sale 2015 for $12500.  

    The purchaser of Lot 6 Rob Bain 'Mt Eden' Roma took...

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  • Burenda Holdings in Queensland Top 100 Meat Standards Australia producer 2014-2015.

    Burenda was awarded a certificate for being placed in the Queensland Top 100 MSA producer for the 2014 to 2015 year.   Surplus young cattle from the Burenda Angus & Brangus studs and commercial herds are finished on either oats, leuceana and grass pastures, silage rations or a grain mix for and put through the MLA's MSA grading system.  Over the years we have achieved a reliable complience rate.  Some of the grading results on these angus & brangus infused cattle...

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  • Indonesian Delegates visit Burenda Angus & Brangus 10th March 2016.

    A group of Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture employees visited Dalby Downs last Thursday to inspect the Burenda Angus & Brangus breeding herds and operations.  Led by UQ organiser Malcom Wegener, the majority of the delegates were very interested in the feeding of cattle, machinery, feed types, leuceana, artificial insemination practices, nutrition and animal health.  Numerous questions were asked and answered through the Indonesian translator Dr Geoff...

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  • Newletter December 2015

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  • News Letter July 2015

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  • Burenda Summer Autumn Newsletter 2015

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  • 2014 Burenda Angus Roma Bull Sale Results

    The Burenda Roma Sale on the 27th August was a resounding success with a total clearance of 101 bulls. 98 through the ring and 3 sold immediately after the sale. The average price of $4617 was very acceptable in a tough year.
    Top price of $11,000 for Lot 20 QBUH343 (AI) (ET) was paid by RD & NJ Statham who took home 9 bulls. Other buyers taking advantage of the volume discount included Greg Ashton of Clermont 9 bulls, the Paterson Family of Warrong Mitchell 8 bulls, Tim & Megan Allan...

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    This might be an unusual introduction to a Bull Sale but let me tell you a story that might be loosely described as a Love Story that has lasted 3 years.

    About 3 years and 2 months ago we planned the matings which resulted in producing the bulls that are being offered  for sale at Roma on 27 August 2014.

    Three months before joining we assess the predicted matings for all our females utilising a full range of top AI Sires from North America and Australasia together with our own...

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  • Fat V Thin Weights on Burenda Cow Productivity

    After reading the 'Fat V Thin weights on cow productivity' article in the Queensland Country Life 7th August 2014, I had a warm feeling in regards to the direction that the Burenda Angus and Brangus herds have been taking.   Breeding heifers and cows with rib and rump fat cover EBV's above breed average has been our focus for the last few years as I have always believed in a number of things associated with this.   Meaty maternal easy doing Burenda females have the ability...

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  • Burenda Angus Beef Week Open Day in Review

    As part of Beef Week 2014 Burenda Angus and Brangus held their Open Day at Dalby Downs Kaimkillenbun Qld

    To read all about the day download the story here

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  • Burenda Bulls Pulling Their Weight at Argyle

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    Read all about the Leucaena field day we hosted at Dalby Downs.
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    We are pleased to announce that our Annual Roma Angus Bull Sale will be held on the 27th August 2014 11am at the Roma Saleyards. Featuring a draft of 100 plus Angus bulls. More details will be posted here as we compile our catalogue, videos, EBV's and comments.
    We are also having a preview at our Beef Week Open day on the 17th July 2014 on property at our Kaimkillenbun operations. Please come down and view the bulls prior to the Roma sale. Read more
  • BEEF WEEK OPEN DAY 17th July 2014

    We will again be opening our gates to visitors for our annual open day as part of Beef Week.
    All of the Roma Bull Sale draft will be on show for you to preview before the Roma Bull Sale on the 27th August.
    So please lock the dates into your diaries and come down for a cuppa and a chat.
    We will post more details here on the website in coming weeks as we get closer to the open day and the sale.

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  • Burenda's New Black

    BURENDA Angus is poised to launch a new style of progeny, geared to producers demanding higher Angus content in the lines of Brangus cattle that have been bred at the Kaimkillenbun stud for the past decade.

    Three years ago, Burenda adjusted its breeding program to produce Brangus animals with up to 82pc Angus content. The Brangus breeding herd will produce up to 50-60 bulls for sale each year.

    The progeny are now launched as Burenda Blacks, and the first 18 to 24 month-old bulls will be...

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  • Elite Genetics for Buyers

    QUEENSLAND Country Life’s popular Beef Week 2013 will be an important day for the Kaimkillenbun-based Burenda Angus Stud. They have chosen the day to launch their ‘Burenda Blacks’ breed of Bos Indicus-infused Black Angus cattle. 

    Their open day will begin at 8.30am, with Federal Member for Maranoa Bruce Scott launching the ‘blacks’ at 11am.

    Manager Jonathan Schmidt said it would be a fitting occasion to have Mr Scott officiate, given that he started his working life as a jackeroo on...

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  • Burenda Angus 2013 Roma Sale

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  • Launching Burenda Blacks!

    Burenda’s Beef Week Open Day on Thursday 18 July will mark an historic occasion in our history. This is the day we launch BURENDA BLACKS, our own breed of Bos Indicus-infused Angus cattle.

    BURENDA BLACKS are 80 per cent Angus - 20 per cent Bos Indicus, which we believe is an ideal fit for harsher tropical climates and northern production systems.

    At Burenda we have always responded to market demands, working for many years to improve genetic traits including meat quality, fertility,...

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  • The Dam side of the Black Program

    We believe we have bred some great Brangus cow families and it is with these dams that we are breeding the Burenda Blacks.

    The sire side is coming from high growth Angus bulls such as Burenda QBUC38 and QBUG23.
    Photos of some of the dams indicate the strength in the dam side.

    There are more photos of Burenda Blacks dams here.


    2TP06EB619 one of our first Burenda Blacks PTIC heifers. 

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  • 2013 Autumn Update

    A decision was taken during 2012 to establish more leucaena and grass on some of the lighter cultivation country.  An area of about 400 acres (160 ha) was identified and Taramba leucaena seed was planted in the last week of October 2012.   The seed had been harvested the previous year from one of our older stands and was planted at 4.1kg ha in twin rows 1 metre apart and about 5 metres between the twin rows.  Seed was treated with inoculant and Cosmos (insect control)...

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  • 2012 Roma Bull Sale Wrap Up

    Our Inaugural bull sale on the 29th August was a great success with a total clearance of 88 Angus bulls for an average of $5869.
    Bulls went to many area of Queensland and there were some great value buys on the day with 20 bulls with excellent genetics selling for less than $4000.
    We would like to thank all of the buyers for their solid support and we plan to continue offering Qld bred bulls that give the choice of good bulls that provide great value for money. Read more
  • Hay Sales

    During seasonal times we have large round bales of hay available.  Contact Jonathan to discuss your needs and our availability of hay.

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  • The Story of a Tripartite Arrangement - Leucaena Grass and Angus Cattle

    A decision was taken during 2012 to establish more leucaena and grass on some of the lighter cultivation country.  An area of about 400 acres (160 ha) was identified and Taramba leucaena seed was planted in the last week of October 2012.   The seed had been harvested the previous year from one of our older stands and was planted at 4.1kg ha in twin rows 1 metre apart and about 5 metres between the twin rows.  Seed was treated with inoculant and Cosmos (insect control)...

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  • 2012 Clermont Bull Sale Wrap Up

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  • Spring 2012 Newsletter

    The H spring calves, Angus and Brangus, have all safely arrived.  The end of September saw the 500th tagging of the year for the Angus, leaving about 20 for early October.

    The majority are either AI or ET with some great calves on the ground.  The F heifers calved down in July and August with very few problems. The TeMania Africa (VTMA217), Aryvale Bartel (HIOE7) and Lawsons VLYC402 look very good along with calves by our own TeMania Discreet (VTMD894).

    The Brangus calves this...

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  • Queensland Country Life Beef Week Open Day Thursday, 14 July 2011

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  • Queensland Country Life Thursday 21 October 2010


    Jonathan Schmidt - Burenda Angus

    Angus breeders were forced to compete strongly for bulls at the annual Burenda and Lawsons sale at the Roma Saleyards last Wednesday.

    The entire offering of 91 bulls sold under the hammer for an average price of $5000.

    The competition was particularly strong on the Burenda offering, pushing the average price of a Burenda bull to $6156 and a top price of $11,000. The Kaimkillenbun based Burenda Angus Stud is clearly in favour...

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  • Cattle Yards

    WHEN the Dalby Downs cattle operation began to outgrow its existing set of timber yards last year, manager Jonathan Schmidt looked to the principles of US livestock handling expert Temple Grandin for guidance on designing a replacement. 

    Mr Schmidt's aim was to combine a safe and comfortable working environment for both people and cattle in a design that effectively made cattle "want" to work for their handlers. 

    The design also had to account for existing infrastructure in the form... Read more
  • Burenda Angus "Dalby Downs" Queensland Country Life

    A SIX-year expansion involving new land acquisitions and extensive property development has allowed the Dalby Downs cattle and farming business north of Dalby to capitalise on the benefits of economies of scale and internal value-adding. Dalby Downs is an 8500 acre aggregation of farming and grazing country stretching from the Bunya Highway near Aronui Feedlot across to the Kaimkillenbun township north east of Dalby. 
    The operation has been carefully expanded over the past six years under...

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