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2016 - 2017 Burenda Dates to Remember

Updated almost 5 years ago
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Hi All,

As 2016 draws to a close myself and the Burenda Team would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support of Burenda Angus & Brangus and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Below are the 2016 sale results and 2017 planned sale dates for Burenda.


2016 Bull Sale Results

 Blackall Black Stump Bull Sale 21st March 2016  

–  20 Angus bulls averaged $4394.74 with a top of $7000 for Lot 6 Burenda Koan K416 a Werner Westward 357 son.

Burenda Roma Angus Bull Sale 31st August 2016

 –  120 Angus bulls averaged $9200 with a top of $25500 for Lot 42 Burenda Lancewood L2 a SAV Thunderbird 9061                      son.

Burenda Clermont Angus and Brangus Bull Sale 6th October 2016

 –  65 Angus and Burenda Black bulls averaged $7500 with a top of $13500 for Lot 46 Burenda Kilt K833 a son of our                    own Burenda Haiku H40.


2017 Bull Sale Dates to Remember

Blackall Black Stump Bull Sale 17th March 2017  

–  20 Angus bulls on offer.   Some of the sires of these bulls are Te Mania Emperor, Burenda Jinja J354 (a Werner Westward son), Burenda Go Between G23, Burenda Geiger Counter G49 and Burenda Haiku H40.  The quality in these home bred young bulls on offer can be seen in that all 20 sale lots have their EBV’s above the breed plan average.  Most are well up in the top 10% for Angus Breeding, Domestic, Heavy Grain and Grass markets.

Burenda Angus & Burenda Black Open Day 21st August 2017  

–  All welcome to come and inspect the Roma and Clermont sale bulls as well as the Burenda female breeding herd.  Fertility and docility are the key objectives followed by carcase quality in our breeding herd.   All is on display from 8am till 4pm with a complementary smoko and lunch provided by the Burenda Team.

Burenda Roma Angus Bull Sale 23rd August 2017  

–  120 Angus bulls on offer.  A large number of bulls by AI and Burenda sires such as KC Haas GPS, Waitara Pio federal F73, Te Mania Emperor, Pa Power Tool 9108, Exar Upshot, S Chisum, Cheryldon Stewie D19, Aryvale Hercules H9, Var Reserve, Prime Juggernaught J15, Burenda Go Between G23, Burenda Geiger Counter and Burenda Haiku H40.  These bulls have some excellent raw scan and EBV data plus the sisters of these bulls have just been AI’d in October and are a stand out line of fertile females.

 Burenda Clermont Angus & Burenda Black Bull Sale 5th October 2017  

–  45 Angus bulls and 25 Burenda Black bulls on offer.  Very similar Angus sires as mentioned above with some new                 exciting breeding in the Brangus bulls. The AI sires CRC Specialist, Suhn’s Distinction, Braxton of Brinks, Morgan of Brinks, Omar of Brinks and Bright Side of Brinks have all had a positive impact with cleaner coats and more polled progeny that still possess the quality carcase traits of our Angus.  


Spring 2016 AI of Burenda Females

 Over 900 Angus & Brangus females have been successfully AI’d in the last 4 weeks by the Burenda Team to introduced and Burenda sires.  The heifers were mated individually to provide us with an early born, lower birthweight calf that should grow and have improved carcase traits.   The cows were mated to sires to maintain/improve all EBV traits with more emphasis on lifting carcase EMA and IMF.  All this sounds great but we still need to focus on fertility, docility and structure as one without the other is not good.  

Picture attached as thumbnail is of Angus heifers being walked in to Dalby Downs yards to start AI program October 2016.

We look forward to seeing you all next year.