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Burenda Clermont Angus & Brangus Bull Sale 3rd October 2019

Updated about 2 years ago
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The Burenda Angus & Brangus line up for 2019 is one not to miss. We have a run of very well grown, fertile, seasonally adapted, high performing EBV focused bulls on offer that are suitable for all forms of beef production.

All bulls have been sire verified, pestivirus tested, genomics supported and fully vaccinated for 7in1, botulism, vibrio, pestiguard, tickfever and 3 day sickness.

The Brangus bulls have been tested for poll and coat colour with the results marked on the supplementry sheet. 

70% are Homozygous Black

27% are Homzygous Black wild Type

3% are Heterozygous Black carrying the red gene

82% are Homozygous Poll and 3% Heterozygous Poll


The Angus bulls have the below average stats of 

- weight of 828kg

- P8 12mm

- Rib 8mm

- EMA 123cm

- IMF 6.3%

- Scrotal 40cm

Lot 1 Burenda Not A Lot N589 (AI) is an outstanding lot with top 10% for all market index values, a high daily weight gain, solid carcase data with a top IMF% of 7.7% and scrotal of 42cm.


The Brangus and Burenda Black bulls have the average stats of

- weight of 856kg

- P8 12mm

- Rib 7mm

- EMA 127cm

- IMF 5.8%

- Scrotal 42cm

Lot 78 Burenda Distinction N867 is a AI son of Suhn's Distinction who over the years has been our most successful AI sire for use on heifers. Early born small calves that grow well and have good carcase traits.  This son has been used after AI on the Burenda Black heifers last spring and achieved a pregnancy rate of 97% over a 6 week period inc AI cycle on agistment at Chinchilla. We feel a terriffic result taking into consideration of the season. These heifers have all now calved to Distinction and it has been an easy ride for us. This bull also has a good consitution and would handle all types of country.

 Sale is with H&W supported by GDL