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Indonesia Red Meat & Cattle Partnership visit Dalby Downs.

Updated over 2 years ago
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A group of commercial cattle producers and feedlot representatives from Indonesia visited "Dalby Downs" to look over the operation. It was a very enthusiastic group and some of the topics coverd over the day were -

Breeding systems

- AI programs

- Weaning practices

- Bull selection

- Female fertility

- Vaccination program

- Genetics

- Estimated Breeding Values and how to use them

- Cattle handling 


- Pasture and cropping program

- Feeding program based on a silage ration


- Machinery used and technology

- Conservation of moisture & stubble

- Fertilising systems both synthetic and organic

- Weed control

Overal it was a good day with lots of learning from both sides and a thank you to the interpreter who was exceptional. The billy tea and damper with local Dalby Downs honey went down like a treat also.