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June Newsletter 2020 and what's happening at "Dalby Downs"

Updated over 1 year ago
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"Open Day" Tuesday 4th August at "Dalby Downs" Kaimkillenbun. Everyone is welcome to attend our Open Day with the Roma & Clermont Sale Bulls on display plus a large number of our breeder herd from which the bulls come from. Come and join the Burenda Team for smoko and lunch whilst inspecting them all. Some COVID-19 health pratices will be in place. 

123 Roma Sale Bulls - 111 Angus & 12 Brangus - GDL

85 Clermont Sale Bulls - 43 Brangus & 42 Angus - H&W & GDL

These bulls have been born and bred in some challanging nutritional circumstances in the last two years and are some of our fittest and healtiest sires to be offered. Structurally, temperament, and EBV wise these are even better than previous years sales groups. They have been growing out on Leucaena & grass pastures for the last few months and will be prepared for the sale off our oats crop. This natural preparation will ensure the best chance of longevity for the sire outside misadventure.  

Please go to the galleries section to view some of the sale lots coming up. These pictures have been taken as I walk amongst the bulls in their paddocks, and I would have to say they are very docile. Particularly Lot 95 Burenda Paprika P338 (AI), a Te Mania Garth son who I have been able to scratch out in the Leucaena pastures. All our bulls are handled on bikes and foot with non-biting style lead dogs which makes our cattle a pleasure to handle. In our breeder herd we don't tolerate any attitude at any time whether it is at calf tagging, AI program time, preg testing, mustering or anytime in the yards and this has made a very positive difference to the Burenda herd in the last 16 years. Fertility and docility are the key drivers of profitability along with carcase merit. 

The bulls have all been vaccinated for 

7 in 1




3 Day Sickness

Tick Fever

And will be semen & morphology tested closer to the sale.

Weights and scanning data will be also available closer to the sale.

Both Roma & Clermont Sales will be interfaced with Auctions Plus Live Streaming.

Sale Agents for our Sale are H&W & GDL.