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Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for 2018

Updated almost 4 years ago
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Hi All,

I would just like to mention a few things from the Burenda Team.

In the last 12 months we have all enjoyed the higher beef prices and Burenda has benefited in the sale of in excess of 400 Angus and Brangus bulls both at our sales and also from the paddock. Hence we have been encouraged to again continue our quest through the use of AI and our upcoming yearling bulls to lift the quality and performance of the Burenda Angus & Brangus herds. We have just recently completed an AI program at Dalby Downs over five weeks including 1400 breeders with a fixed time AI program.  

1150 Angus breeders were AI’d to the reliable sires such as PA Power Tool, Te Mania Emperor, Te Mania Garth, Sydgen Black Pearl, Aryvale Hercules, Pathfinder Genesis, Rennylea Edmund, Millah Murrah Lockup and Clunie Range Kaluha, with the new 2017 AI sires introduced such as Granite Ridge Kaiser, Raff Jovial,  Var Foreman, Prime Legend, ACC Bourbon, Prime Legend, KCF Bennett The Rock, Musgrave Big Sky, Karoo Knock Out, and Lawsons Leo. The homebred sires Burenda Haiku, Burenda Go Between, Burenda Jaunty, Burenda Ladd and Burenda Mickey are producing quality calves to natural service.

250 Brangus breeders were AI’d to repeat performing sires such as Southern Dealmaker, Braxton of Brinks, Singletary of Brinks, CRC Specialist, CRC North Star, Hombre and a new Australian bred sire Triple B Legacy. The progeny sired by Burenda Kenso and Burenda Specialist at this stage are looking exceptional and we look forward to progeny soon by a number of our own bred Burenda Blacks sired by Southern Deal Maker. Dealmaker has only limited semen about and these sons are something special – both in appearance and also in the EBV’s.

The Burenda breeder herd is continually improving and our main focus in order of importance is on –

-          Fertility – A tight 6-8 week joining period including the fixed time AI.

-          Docility – Continually selecting for docility as quieter cattle do better plus we are all getting older.

-          Calving – Calving ease, moderate birth weight with short gestation across all breeders.

-          Carcase Traits

o   Growth – Maintain at above average for the breed but not extreme.

o   Mature Cow Weight – Keep below the 600 day weight.

o   Scrotal – Maintain above breed average but no extremes. A sale average od 40cm as two year olds is sufficient.

o   Milk – Maintain around breed average.

o   EMA & IMF – To continue increasing this steadily with out compromising other traits..

o   Rib and Rump Fats – Maintain at breed average and better to keep top fertility and doing ability in the herd.

Our aim is to produce quiet well structured bulls and females for sale supported by quality carcase traits both raw scan and weights data and improved EBV’s.  If we can combine all these then we feel we are on the way to producing the right article for the Queensland commercial breeder.


We still have a run of paddock bulls for sale, fully vaccinated 7 in 1, Tick Fever, Botulism, Vibrio, Pestiguard, 3 Day Sickness and semen and morphology tested. These include –


-          30 x 15 month old commercial Angus bulls. Bred from Burenda registered cows by the lead of our Angus bulls we sell at Roma each year. These bulls are a very even line of good young bulls ready to go to work. Priced from $4000 to $5000. Volume buys negotiable.

-          7 x 15 month old Burenda Black Brangus Bulls with full pedigree and EBV’s.  $4000+gst.

-          50 x 16 month old Registered Angus bulls with full pedigree and EBV’s. Asking $5000+gst for the pick and negotiable on volume buys.

These bulls are well grown for their age specially considering the dry 2017 we have had to endure our way. Pictures attached.

 For 2018 we have-


-          22 x 18 month old Angus Bulls for the Blackall Black Stump Bull Sale 13th March 2018.

-          Burenda Open Day Tuesday 7th August at Dalby Downs Kaimkillenbun.

-          120 x 2 year old and 18 month old Angus bulls for the Burenda Roma Angus Bull Sale 29th August 2018.

-          70 x 2 year old Burenda Angus and Burenda Black Bulls for Clermont Sale 4th October 2018.


With all that in mind we would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year for 2018. We look forward to catching up with you all at some stage.



The Burenda Team