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Open Day 1st August 2017

Updated about 4 years ago
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Genuine commercial cattlemen traveled some distances to attend the Burenda Open Day on the 1st August on property at Dalby downs.They travelled some distances from places such as Clermont, Springsure, Arcadia Valley, Roma, Meandarra, Blackbutt, Kilcoy, Kingaroy, Taroom, Chinchilla, Brisbane and Banana. The Burenda Team were over whelmed by the commitment these new and past buyers made to attend the day and they weren't disappointed.

Some of the complementry comments made on the day were -

'I enjoyed the Open Day at Burenda. The bulls were well prepared, quiet and of a high standard of quality.' Mark and June Brawne, "Yerura", Meandarra Qld.

'It is a credit to Burenda to produce a run of 127 Angus bulls with depth right through the run of bulls.' John and Bev Cochrane, Cochrane Angus.

'The presentation is outstanding and the quality of the bulls over the 127 Roma bulls is incredible.' Peter Stanton, Kilcoy Butchery, Kilcoy. Peter is looking for quality Angus bulls with reliable breeding and EBV's to support his breeding program to keep up his supply of Angus heifers that he puts through the butcher shop. The butcher shop has been in Peters family since 1958 and is coming up to 60 years soon. 

The bulls behaved like true gentlemen on the Open Day and were all contained behind a single electric tape in most instances.

Of the Roma draft of 127 bulls - 10 had an EMA of greater than 130cm, 41 had an EMA of greater than 120cm and 55 had an IMF of greater than 6.0%.

The top EMA bulls of the sale is Lot 8 Burenda Lash L139 (AI), 882kg, P8 12mm, Rib 9mm, EMA 136cm, IMF 6.8% and scrotal 40cm.

The top IMF bull of the Roma sale is Lot 83 Burenda Lamond L197 (AI0, 766kg, P8 15mm, Rib 8mm, EMA 111cm, IMF 7.7% and scrotal 43cm.

The bulls have been prepared on Leucaena and grass pastures over the summer and are now on an oats crop for the sales. Weights and scanning data, catalogues, semen and morphology data was made available on our Open day or online at or Auctions Plus or for more details contact Jonathan Schmidt on 0429067313 or

1 Lucky door prize of 'The story of Angus in Australia' book was won by Terry Hart from Chinchilla.

1 Bull credit of $1000 for the guess the weight of Burenda Haiku H40 (1065kg in his working clothes) for use at either the Burenda Roma or Clermont Bull Sales 2017. We had two winners which was Peter Stanton, Kilcoy Qld and Brian Sutcliffe, Balckbutt Qld.

Of the 800 PTIC spring calving cows - 450 were on display with over 425 calves born in the last 3 weeks to AI. Visitors were able to see our calving facilities, calf catcher, cattle yards, where the AI is done and much more. The Burenda Team were more than happy to show visitors around the property in general to gain a birds eye view of the Burenda Angus & Brangus operations. They were shown the scale of our commitment to breeding fertile, functional cattle that perform across a range of commercial environments. Burenda has concentrated on a short joining period to AI and natural bulls (6 - 8 weeks total), strict pregnancy testing at 40 days post joining, this removes less fertile females from the herd and provides us with a breeder herd of early calving, shorter gestation productive females. At calving all progeny are tagged and weighed, at 200 days weaners are assessed for docility and weighed, at 400 days they are weighed and scanned for Rib, Rump, EMA, IMF and scrotal data and all this is recorded with Breedplan to produce our EBV's. All the time we try to run these progeny in large contempory groups to achieve variation amongst the progeny to give meaningfull data to Breedplan.

On display also were our 9 PTIC Burenda Black cows and heifers for sale at the Roma Brangus Sale Friday 1st September - PTIC to Southern Dealmaker and Suhn's Disticntion. A strong interest was shown in these young Burenda Black females PTIC to top quality sires for our first draft of females to be sold under the Burenda name at the Roma Brangus Sale coming up. Polled, meaty maternal breeders with docility, good udders and structure along with good EBV's and that ability to perform.

22 Registered Angus heifers 16 months old - AI'd to some top Angus sires - Ef Complement, Lawsons Invincible, Prime Legend L77 and then naturally joined to Lot 9 Burenda Laugh L338 and Lot 16 Burenda Lasso L150 (AI) who will be sold at our 23rd August Roma sale 2017. These will be sold on Auctions Plus on Friday the 14th August.

11 PTIC 2nd calf K Angus cows - AI'd to Burenda Haiku H40 and naturally joined to Burenda Go Between G23. We sold 3 sons of Haiku at our 2016 Clermont sale to average $11333 and fourteen G23 sons at our Roma 2016 sale to average $9041. These will be sold on Auctions Plus on Friday the 14th August 2017.

The Burenda Team look forward to our Open Day each year in August and we certainly hope all visitors were made welcome and enjoyed our smoko and CAAB steaks provided by the Team. We look forward to seeing you all at the sales.