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Burenda Clermont Angus & Brangus Bull Sale 3rd October 2019

Burenda Angus & Brangus will again offer 70 two year old bulls on the 3rd of October 2019 at the Clermont Saleyards.

On offer will be -

- 40 quality Angus Bulls

- 40 outstanding Burenda Blacks.

These Angus Bulls are certainly getting better each year with our focus in our breeder herd on fertility, strong EBV support, good docility and structure paying divedends. All lots have been sire verified and genomics tested.

Click Here to view the Clermont Angus & Brangus Catalogue and Click on Weights & Scanning for all weights, scanning, semen, morphology, poll & coat colour results.

Sires of the Angus include -

- Te mania Emperor

- Granite Ridge Kaiser

- Gaffney Game Time

- Millah Murrah Loch

- Clunie Range Kaluaha

- Gar Prophet

- Texas mount

- Pathfinder Gensis

- Burenda Hauki H40

- Numerous quality young Burenda sires.


The Burenda Black Bulls are possible our most even line of polled, EBV focused and structurally correct bulls to date. All bulls have been poll tested with 35 Homozygous Black Poll and 3 Heterozygous Black Poll. All sires have been DNA recorded and sire verified, genomics tested along with coat colour. Of which 26 are Homozygous Black, 11 Homozygous Black Type Wild and 1 Heterozygous Black (carriesr the red gene).

Sires include -

- Burenda Kenson K850

- Burenda Brinks L916

- Burenda Kindle K914

- Suhn's Distinction

- CRC Specialist

- MC X Factor

- MC Hombre

- TJM Three D

- CRC North Star

- Millah Murrah Klooney 

- CRC Guardian


For more details contact Jonathan Schmidt 0429067313 or

Agents for Sale are Hoch & Wilkinson Clermont

GDL are a supporting agent.

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